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Beiser pushes driver’s license ID benefit for National Guard veterans


From Illinois Business Journal news services

ALTON – State Rep. Dan Beiser, D-Alton, is supporting legislation to allow anyone who has served in the military to add their veteran status to their state driver’s license.

“These folks volunteered to risk their life for this country and have earned our respect and admiration. They should be granted veteran status on their identification cards,” said Beiser. “Only people who have been called for active duty are currently accorded this status on their state ID, but it should be extended to any person who has been in the armed forces.”

House Bill 4366, sponsored by state Rep. Beiser, would allow the Secretary of State’s office to issue any person who has served in the military identification designating them as a veteran.

“This is a matter of streamlining the process for our veterans,” continued Beiser. “Whether or not you were ever deployed for active duty shouldn’t determine whether you have to lug around a multitude of additional military identification documents to prove that you’re a veteran, as non-active duty veterans currently must do to prove their veteran status.”

For more information, contact Beiser’s constituent services office at (618) 465-5900 or email

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