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MetroLink elevator closure at Lambert Terminal 2 Station could extend commute

From Illinois Business Journal news services

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport will be closing the elevator at the Terminal 2 MetroLink Station for repairs from Monday, March 28, through Friday, April 1.

MetroLink passengers who need to use the elevator will be directed to travel to the Terminal 1 Station instead, and then use elevator service there. Passengers will then be directed to take the terminal shuttle back to Terminal 2 during the five-day repair period.

The alternate route will likely add 10-20 minutes to a passenger’s commute, the airport said. Passengers who can use stairs can still access the MetroLink Terminal 2 Station next week and will not need to take the alternate route.

The Terminal Shuttle departs each terminal approximately every 10 minutes. The Airport will have signs in both terminals alerting passengers about the alternate route for those who need MetroLink service. MetroLink operators will announce the elevator is out of service as the trains arrive at Terminal 2 and will instruct the passengers needing elevator service to remain on the trains until they arrive at Terminal 1.

The MetroLink Rider Alert information will be posted at

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