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Walmart pulls dangerous dog bone from shelves


From Illinois Business Journal news services

Walmart has announced it will no longer sell Dynamic Pet Products Real Ham Bone, a product that dozens of consumers have said killed or injured their dogs.

Better Business Bureau, news organizations, consumer groups, and Senator Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., all publicized the extensive complaints against the company in spring 2015. BBB and other consumer groups also called for the bones to be removed from shelves. Last year, BBB sent a fact sheet entitled “Bad Bones” to all U.S. senators and the Food and Drug Administration.

Walmart released its statement that it would no longer sell the bone on March 10.

Michelle Corey, president and CEO of the Eastern Missouri/Southern Illiinois branch of BBB, said Walmart’s decision is a victory for all of the consumers who have campaigned for the removal of the bones from store shelves.

“There has been enough suffering on the part of the pets and their owners,” she said. “It is time for that to stop.”

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