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Free real estate clinic expands appointments in Madison County


From Illinois Business Journal news services

EDWARDSVILLE — The 3rd Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee is acting to expand the number of individuals who can receive advice at the free real estate clinic appointments held in the Madison County Law Library.

The committee has determined that the clinic should be made available to individuals earning up to the same levels as those who qualify for legal services through Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, which is 200 percent of the poverty level.

“We started the free real estate clinic with Recorder of Deeds Amy Meyer by accepting people who earned less than 125 percent of the poverty level. Upon review we all decided that more people should be eligible to make appointments for real estate advice,” noted Circuit Judge Barb Crowder, chair of the Pro Bono Committee. “This means, for a family of two, as long as their income is less than $32,040 annually, the family can make an appointment for advice.”

Free real estate clinic appointments are handled by Meyer. Low-income individuals who have questions are encouraged to make an appointment.

The clinic began last fall and 13 individuals were seen in 2015. Questions ranged from those who needed advice to fill out quit claim deed forms to individuals being victimized by fraudulent liens and the clinic connected those persons with law enforcement.

Amy Meyer has volunteered to provide information to individuals who qualify under the Land of Lincoln income guidelines and would otherwise be eligible for free services.

The 3rd Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee offers free legal appointments to low-income individuals who do not have attorneys are available by appointment on any legal subject except criminal law, including but not limited to subjects such as family law or areas such as debt collection, landlord tenant, small claims, or any other civil area of law. Those free appointments are held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Free real estate clinic appointments are the second and forth Wednesday morning of each month and are handled by Meyer. All appointments are for those of limited incomes who do not have attorneys and qualifying information will need to be provided. To make an appointment or to volunteer, call (618) 296-5921 or e-mail Pro Bono Coordinator Angela Wille at

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