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McCarter suggests repealing law that discourages affordable firearms


From Illinois Business Journal news services

State Sen. Kyle McCarter, R-Lebanon, has filed legislation that aims to repeal a law he says effectively prohibits the sale of affordable firearms.

“On Dec. 15, I filed new legislation with the Illinois Senate to repeal the state’s so-called melting-point law. This is a regulation dealing with how firearms, mostly handguns, are manufactured. The idea for the legislation (Senate Bill 2209) was submitted to me by a constituent,” McCarter said in his weekly newsletter to constituents.

“Basically, the melting-point law or regulation bans the sale of handguns made with metal alloys, such as zinc because of a lower melting point compared to firearms made with a homogeneous metal like steel,” McCarter said. “The Illinois regulation applies to firearms with a barrel, slide, frame or receiver that will melt or deform at a temperature of less than 800 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s commonly referred to as the melting-point law.”

McCarter said he considers the issue as a 2nd Amendment rights one.

“Because of the current regulation, there is a de facto ban on less-costly firearms, which means if you want a handgun you have to pay more to get a gun that meets the requirements of the regulation. Limiting the availability of cheaper firearms discriminates against those citizens who cannot afford the higher-priced premium weapons.

“While it is true that firearms which fail to meet Illinois’ current melting-point law are made of lesser-quality materials, they are also less expensive. This makes them more affordable for all citizens. 45 states and the federal government have no melting-point regulation. It’s time for Illinois to repeal that regulation,” he said.

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