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Sad state of business morals

Sad state of business morals

To the editor:
    Enjoyed your editorial about the sad state of morality in corporate America. I’m not sure if it is getting worse or it’s always been bad but we just hear about it more.

    I just saw the film “99 Homes” about the housing crisis and it really brings home the emotional devastation wrought by the unethical behavior that led to that near disaster. What really bothers me is that when those at the top are caught cheating, it devalues the entire system and those in the middle and at the bottom decide it’s OK to cheat as well. You can bet the line workers at Volkswagen are thinking that right now.

    Thanks for standing up for ethics and I hope the media shines a light on the bad and the virtuous.

    (I also enjoyed the debate over the fiduciary standard. Here is another ethical dilemma where clear rules would definitely help!)

Dan Connors EA, CPA
Buenger Accounting
Granite City

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