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Chad Abernathy, Senior Vice President/Chief Retail Officer, First Clover Leaf Bank, Edwardsville

Spotlight on Southwestern Illinois: Banking and Finance
Chad Abernathy, Senior Vice President/Chief Retail Officer, First Clover Leaf Bank, Edwardsville



    For the last 14 years, Chad Abernathy has been fortunate enough to be in his ideal job.
p04 abernathy    “I just adore First Clover Leaf Bank,” Abernathy said, “As a locally owned and operated community bank, we provide a highly personalized level of customer service while also giving back to the communities we serve. Being able to answer customers’ needs in real time, to provide customized solutions to our customers, and exceed their expectations — that’s all part of what makes my work here so gratifying, fulfilling and worthwhile.”
    As the senior vice president and chief retail officer at First Clover Leaf Bank, headquartered in Edwardsville, Abernathy oversees all of the sales and operations for retail banking. At First Clover Leaf Bank this is defined as all of the consumer interfaces with the bank, including new accounts and consumer loans. He also provides oversight to the back office operations and information technology areas within the bank.
    With a strategic focus on customer acquisition and growth, Abernathy said that First Clover Leaf Bank has implemented new services that provide customers with greater access to available resources. One such service is indirect automobile lending, which allows for automobile loans to be processed at the point of sale. For example, if  customers are buying a new car, they can now complete their loan process with First Clover Leaf Bank directly at participating automobile dealerships.
    Another service now being offered is a complete array of mobile payment systems. While most banks offer mobile bill pay, First Clover Leaf also offers mobile and online deposits to its customers now as well. It has also partnered with the Apple Pay network, allowing customers to pay at the register via their iPhone 6, Apple Watch, and iPad devices with just their fingerprint. Area retailers such as Schnucks, Dierbergs and Walgreens accept this secured method of payment.
    Residing in Edwardsville, Abernathy enjoys spending time with his wife Jill and their three children. He also enjoys volunteering with the bank’s Green Team, which does charity work to support and benefit local community and non-profit organizations.
    Abernathy is also a member and past president of the Goshen Rotary Club. He also serves on the Edwardsville Community Foundation board and is a past board member of the Edwardsville YMCA. Abernathy received his undergraduate degree from Greenville College and graduated from the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, Wis.

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