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Swedish company to supply bearings solution for Granite City steel operations


From Illinois Business Journal news services

A Swedish company, SKF, has announced it will supply United States Steel with an integrated seals, lubrication and bearings solution for the hot strip mill table rolls at the Granite City plant.

The solution is designed to help increase machine availability while at the same time reducing energy and grease consumption.

“U.S. Steel is known for The Carnegie Way, a disciplined approach to value creation and reliability-centered maintenance. We are very pleased to be able to support U.S. Steel by providing solutions that contribute to significant cost savings and improved machine reliability through our expertise in bearings, seals and lubrication technologies,” the company said in a statement.

Operating under extreme conditions, components used in hot strip mill table rolls are constantly subjected to high temperatures and contamination, which can result in corrosion and, ultimately, bearing failure. SKF’s integrated solution, being installed on more than 800 rolls in the facility, combines three technology platforms designed to counter the effect of these conditions.

SKF seals combine a low wear rate with an effective seal, significantly reducing lubrication needs, as well as allowing for the installation of an SKF open spherical roller bearing. Open spherical roller bearings operate with less friction than the previously used sealed bearings, contributing to improved energy efficiency, the company said.

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