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SIUE School of Business begins exchange program with Italy’s U. of Torino


From Illinois Business Journal news services

The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Business recently added the University of Torino, Italy, to its exchange partners. The first set of students should arrive on the Edwardsville campus in spring 2016.

The exchange agreement is for students and faculty with the University of Torino School of Management and Economics, and the School of Business.

“Providing School of Business students with access to international opportunities is significant in this era global economies,” said Janice Joplin, PhD, associate dean for academic affairs in the school. “Students need the cultural knowledge and preparation to successfully interact in the workplace with colleagues around the world. Bringing additional cultural perspective to our SIUE classrooms is increasingly important.”

The school already has a variety of exchange partners, which includes locations in England, Germany, France, Hungary and China. School of Business students have opportunities for short travel study or semester long exchanges in these locations. SIUE receives approximately 30 students on exchange from these partners each academic year.

The University of Torino is one of the largest Italian Universities with approximately 70,000 students. It is a research institution that offers all disciplines, except for engineering and architecture. It is an integral part of its community, promoting the revival of urban and suburban areas along with cultural interaction, social integration and development, and encouraging dialogue about current issues.

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