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Run-off election is needed to fill associate judge vacancies


From Illinois Business Journal news services

EDWARDSVILLE – The 3rd Judicial Circuit will need a run-off election to determine the five associate judges who will fill the current vacancies in the circuit.

The Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts reported that none of the 46 associate judge applicants received the necessary majority to fill any vacancies, 3rd Circuit Chief Judge David A. Hylla said Tuesday.

The following 11 candidates received enough votes to be in the run-off election:

Christopher J. T. Bauer

Timothy D. Berkley

Ben L. Beyers, II

Rodney D. Caffey

Donald M. Flack

Jennifer L. Hightower

Elizabeth R. Levy

Allyson M. Romani

Maureen D. Schuette

Luther W. Simmons

Sarah D. Smith

Ballots will be mailed to the circuit court judges who will have 14 days to submit their ballots.

Five associate judges were ousted in June when they failed to get enough retention votes among circuit judges. All of them applied again for the posts. Of those, Beyers, Flack and Levy are in still in the running after reapplying.  Duane L. Bailey and David Grounds also reapplied but did not make the cut.

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