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Metro East residents called to rally in support of Clean Power Plan


From Illinois Business Journal news services

ALTON – Metro East residents are invited to join in a rally in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan on Wednesday, Aug. 5.

Participants will call on Sen. William Haine and Rep. Daniel Beiser — both Alton Democrats — to support legislation that’s also pending at the state level, the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill.

The Clean Power Plan is a federal plan to reduce the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and supporters say it offers the state of Illinois an opportunity to modernize how it gets its energy while creating jobs and cutting pollution.

Illinois is one of the top five states that will be most impacted by the Clean Power Plan. Supporters maintain that 32,000 jobs would be created annually under the Illinois Clean Jobs Bill (HB 2607/SB1485) while lowering utility rates through energy efficiency, provide funding for low-income solar and job transition.

Supporters also say that the state bill will create revenue for coal communities and low-income communities to use to invest in for workforce development and direct bill assistance for consumers.

Founder of YEN (Youth Environmental Network), Rebecca Laurent, “This is a vital time in the transition to clean energy in Illinois. The Clean Jobs Bill lays out a plan to meet the carbon reductions mandated by the EPA by retiring old coal plants, creating thousands of new jobs in clean energy, and providing a responsible transition for workers. In order to get this bill passed, we will be delivering petitions to our local legislators and Governor Rauner. YEN is going to help make this happen.”

Those interested in attending the Wednesday rally should contact Elizabeth Scrafford at (208) 818-4626 or

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