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SIUE introduces master’s in integrative studies


From Illinois Business Journal news services

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is introducing a master’s in integrative studies that will be available for the fall 2015 semester. The Illinois Board of Higher Education approved the program during June.

agustin zenia“Our society’s quickly changing pace is creating new career opportunities for individuals trained in multiple disciplines,” said Parviz Ansari, (left) provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs. “The master’s of integrative studies allows students to access expertise from two different areas and integrate courses into a degree that meets the students’ interests and demands of emerging career fields.”

Four interdisciplinary studies tracks will be available during fall 2015:

Sustainability with focus areas in sociology and environmental science
Diversity Training with focus areas in instructional technology, and learning, culture and society
Cultural Heritage and Resource Management with focus areas in anthropology, geology and historical studies
Organizational Design Thinking with focus areas in applied communication studies and instructional technology

“The integrative studies master’s is particularly attractive to a student who has diverse interests that span multiple academic disciplines and wants to blend those interests into one cohesive program,” said Zenia Agustin, director of integrative studies. “There are emerging fields such as diversity training or sustainability that cross academic disciplines.”

Students can design their own degree if none of the existing programs meet their interests or needs. Graduate students can work with two or more faculty mentors to design an academic plan with a maximum of three focus areas. A carefully designed plan of study will provide a unique combination of skills and knowledge that will be advantageous in today’s ever-evolving job market.

The integrative studies master’s will require the completion of a minimum of 30 hours of advanced course work split between two disciplines and seven hours of a culminating project. A master’s of integrative studies can allow students versatility and may support a variety of career paths as well as entry into doctoral programs.

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