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Caritas Family Solutions

Southwestern Illinois Charitable Giving Guide

p11 huelsmann    “Since 1947, individuals and families have turned to Caritas Family Solutions when they experience abuse, neglect, and other emotional hardships and challenges in their lives. Caritas is a premier social services agency that provides hope, encouragement and a strong, loving support system through a wide variety of programs from adoption to senior community service programs. Serving more than 4,400 individuals annually, we focus on improving our communities by:
    Providing a safe haven for children at St. John Bosco Children’s Center, the only residential treatment center for abused children, ages 6-12, south of Bloomington.
    Serving more than 1,100 children annually through the largest, highest performing foster care program in Southern Illinois.
    Investing in the community by purchasing real estate and providing homes for adults with developmental disabilities (CILAs).
    Serving thousands of individuals and families at every stage of life.
p11 caritas    Our spirited, dedicated, and professional staff is committed to creating loving homes by serving others with respect and dignity. For more information on our services or to donate in support of our many programs please visit”
        Gary Huelsmann, M.S.W.
        Chief Executive Officer – Caritas Family Solutions

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