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Beiser refuses paycheck until state budget is adopted

From Illinois Business Journal news services

ALTON – State Rep. Dan Beiser, D-Alton, is refusing to take a paycheck until state employees, who are going into work each day without a budget in place, receive their pay and until there is a plan in place to fund vital state services and programs.

“As an employee of the taxpayers in my district, I do not believe I should receive a paycheck while others don’t,” Beiser said. “Legislators need to get to work and develop a budget that provides essential state services, protects middle-class families and pays our employees for their hard work. I have voted on multiple occasions for spending plans that reflect these priorities, and I am hopeful that my colleagues will put aside partisan differences to come up with a solution.”

Beiser sent a request to Comptroller Leslie Munger to remove him from the state’s direct deposit system. Additionally, Beiser asked to the comptroller’s office for paper checks, which he will not deposit until the budget crisis is resolved.

Wednesday, Beiser voted for a temporary spending plan to protect important state programs and services for the disabled, elderly and children, and continue GPS monitoring of sexual predators, care of veterans and pay salaries of state police troopers. Despite his vote for the one-month budget extension, the measure ultimately failed as the plan did not receive a single vote in support from Republican legislators.

“The situation in Springfield is beyond frustrating, and I stand ready to get a budget in place that protects the middle-class and most vulnerable citizens of Illinois,” Beiser said. “Until that happens, I won’t be cashing any paychecks, and I urge my colleagues to do the same.”

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