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David C. Miller – St. Louis Regional Airport

Industry Leaders of Southwestern Illinois

   “St. Louis Regional Airport is seeing a lot more global commerce coming into the business park.
    Last year, anchor tenant West Star Aviation was voted Professional Pilot magazine’s top Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) provider in the nation. They were selected above a number of well-known international firms and business from all over the world has grown along with the acknowledgment.
p18 miller    St. Louis Regional Airport’s 600-acre business park is a great location for companies who want to provide service or move people and products. Locating at the business park gives access to a multimodal transportation hub where you are:
    At the intersection of major State and U.S. Highways
    Close to the 6 American rail lines that
    run through St. Louis
    5 minutes from the world-class
    warehouse facilities at Gateway
    Commerce Center
    25 minutes from the Foreign Trade Zone
    at America’s Central Port
    40 minutes from Chicago and 90
    minutes from New Orleans by air
    Whether your business serves the community, the county, or the country, St. Louis Regional is conveniently located. Call for a tour of open office space and buildable grounds. See for yourself why airplane owners worldwide are choosing to do business here.”

p18 St. Louis Reg AirportDavid C. Miller
Airport Manager
St. Louis Regional Airport



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