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Mike Marchal – Holland Construction Services

Industry Leaders of Southwestern Illinois

p12 marchal    “At Holland Construction Services we thrive on helping others succeed. We actively listen to understand goals and objectives.  This allows us to build longstanding relationships with satisfied clients and empower employees in a “can do” culture.  Expectations of ourselves and the experience we provide to others are high, and we support one another in meeting these expectations.
    As we approach 30 years of service we reflected on what has allowed us to continue to be successful.  What was it that drove us in 1986 to start a company that would devote so much energy to building long-term relationships and helping others succeed?  To answer that, we asked our clients, subcontractors, and employees why they chose Holland.
    The answer was what Bruce Holland is known for and how he built this company – Integrity. The Holland team does what we say we will do, when we say we will, and for the price agreed to.  We take ownership of the clients’ challenges and deliver the best built facilities. That’s what makes us proud to be Holland.”

p12 HCS logoMike Marchal
Holland Construction Services


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