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Erick A. Dahl – St. Louis Downtown Airport

Industry Leaders of Southwestern Illinois

p14 dahl   “St. Louis Downtown Airport is the St. Louis Region’s front door for business aviation and is rated by the FAA as one of only 84 general aviation airports in the U.S. with national significance. We work hard, together with our 26 aviation businesses, to provide the highest levels of service to our business travelers and tourists who can be anywhere in the city within 15 minutes of landing. Money spent by our guests combines with the pay of our nearly 2,000 airport workers to make an annual economic impact of $584 million to the region, while receiving no local taxpayer support. We are proud to be one of Bi-State Development Agency’s successful business enterprises. Whether flying for business or pleasure, or looking for a place to establish your aviation business, my staff and I are ready to meet your needs.”

p14 downtown airportErick A. Dahl
Airport Director
St. Louis Downtown Airport


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