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High demand for truck drivers leads to local CDL program

BELLEVILLE – The shortage of truck drivers on American highways won’t go unnoticed for much longer.

Consumers will see higher costs on everyday products if the projected 330,000 new trucker jobs needed by 2020 aren’t filled.

“If we can’t increase the capacity in the trucking industry overall, it’s going to slow down the economy eventually,” C&K Trucking President Michael Burton told Fox News.

Selsius Corporate & Career Training at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville is now offering CDL training through Premier CDL Training Services, LLC.

Classes provide 160 hours of training that includes classroom and yard and road skills. Carrying a commercial driver’s license prepares students for a career in truck driving.

The first session began this month and new sessions will occur monthly.

Individuals must meet Federal Department of Transportation physical requirements and have a valid regular driver’s license at the time of registration. A high school diploma or GED is not required. The program will accept individuals 18 and older but has limited placement opportunities for those under 21.

To register or for more information, call (618) 641-5184.

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