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New law intends to ease Illinois vehicle registration process

SPRINGFIELD — Procrastinating car owners can relax under a new law allowing drivers to temporarily stay on the road without a current registration sticker.

State Sen. Patricia Van Pelt, D-Chicago, says her legislation was signed into law in August and takes effect in January. It allows drivers to stay on the road for a short time, provided the driver has a receipt proving that he or she registered the vehicle before the previous registration’s expiration date.

Those who wait to renew their registration through CyberService or the mail until the last days leading up to the expiration of their current registration will now be provided a way to avoid being issued a ticket for driving that vehicle if the sticker doesn’t arrive in time.

“There should be no more worrying about the possibility of being forced to drive illegally without an up-to-date sticker,” Van Pelt said. “Now all you need is a receipt from the secretary of state while you wait.”

The law provides that this new printed receipt proof of registration is only valid for 30 days from the expiration of the previous registration sticker, giving Illinoisans plenty of time to receive and attach the registration stickers. Van Pelt hopes to avoid future instances of responsible drivers being punished because of the length of time it takes to acquire a current sticker.

“Any driver can attest to the stress surrounding the process of vehicle registration, especially when renewing registration at the last minute,” Van Pelt said. “For those of us who like to wait until the last minute, this law should alleviate some of the pressure that goes along with renewing vehicle registration through the mail or online.”

The legislation was filed as Senate Bill 2802.

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