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Meier’s ‘Cupcake Bill’ on way to governor

SPRINGFiELD – The Illinois Senate today passed House Bill 5354 sending it to Gov. Pat Quinn to sign it into law. The so-called “Cupcake Bill” was introduced by state Rep. Charlie Meier, R-Okawville, in an effort to allow home-based kitchen operators to continue functioning.

“I am happy to announce the passage of the “Cupcake Bill,” Meier said. “Now Chloe Stirling and all home-kitchen operators will be able to continue functioning without the fear of being shut down by the health department.”

The legislation, inspired by Chloe Stirling of Troy, was in response to Madison County Health Department’s shut down of Stirling’s home-based bakery. Meier filed the legislation to keep state and local health departments from regulating home-based kitchen operators if their proceeds did not exceed $1,000 per month and if they informed their customers that the products were homemade. Following passage by the House on April 10, the measure was sent to the Senate where it passed unanimously today.

“The entrepreneurial spirit was granted a victory today in the Illinois Senate,” Meier said. “I am anxiously awaiting Gov. Quinn’s signature on the ‘Cupcake Bill’ so home bakers throughout Illinois can continue serving their customers.”

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