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Beiser sponsors bill to aid unemployed workers

SPRINGFIELD – Seeking to combat unemployment throughout Illinois, state Rep. Dan Beiser, D-Alton, is cosponsoring legislation designed to increase educational opportunities for the unemployed, and low-income families.

“Hard-working individuals throughout our community sometimes find themselves out of work and facing limited job prospects,” said Beiser. “The legislation will provide additional resource to reenter the workforce. This program will operate off existing MAP grants which will prevent any additional spending or fees.”

Beiser is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 3306, which allows low-income workers who become unemployed after the financial aid deadline to be eligible for a MAP grants. There grants will help struggling individuals go back to school or attend job training to learn new or update existing skills. The measure is designed to allow MAP grants to quickly aid dislocated workers and help them get training and reenter the workforce as quickly as possible.

“Thsoe unemployed members of our community are striving to return to work, but getting out of the cycle of unemployment can be difficult,” Beiser said. “This measure will also help residents transition into a new field by offering job training in areas they may not have a background in. Simply put, this expands workers ability to upgrade their education and skill set and find good, well-paying job.”

For more information contact Beiser’s office at (618) 465-5900.

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