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Lindenwood University-Belleville

Industry Leaders of Southwestern Illinois
    “Lindenwood University-Belleville is a dynamic four-year liberal arts institutiondedicated to providing its students with the best resources to accomplish their goals and bringing value to the surrounding community.
IBJ May14 Page 07 Image 0001    With nearly 2,000 students from across the nation and more than 30 countries, Lindenwood Belleville is one of the fastest growing universities in Southwestern Illinois.  An engaging and diverse campus community, Lindenwood Belleville has become a bustling full-service campus with more than 30 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Our students range from recent high school graduates enrolled in our day program to returning veterans continuing their education to working adults attending our accelerated evening classes.  Our highly competitive athletics programs have achieved national recognition and continue to set the bar for excellence in our region.  Our growing number of faculty members come from across the world with an impressive 92% possessing the highest degrees in their field.
    By attracting more students, faculty, and staff each year, Lindenwood Belleville has brought a significant amount of growth to the residential and business districts of Belleville’s west end.  The university added 75 jobs from 2011-2014, bringing the total number of full and part-time positions up to 138.  Student spending in the community has contributed significantly to economic improvement as students make local purchases for food, entertainment, clothing, transportation, and other personal items.  The university’s expenditures building new facilities and renovating existing structures have increased tax values for nearby properties and provided more cultural and recreational activities for the community.  In total, the campus has an economic impact of over $328 million in the last year, and we expect it to eventually reach half a billion dollars per year.
    At Lindenwood Belleville, we often tell our visitors that the campus they see on Monday is not the same one that exists on Friday.  We are constantly evolving and growing our fine quality academics, athletics, facilities, and student services to make a difference in the lives of our students and our community.”
    Jerry M. Bladdick, EdD
    Lindenwood University-Belleville


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