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Holland Construction / Madison County / Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation

Industry Leaders of Southwestern Illinois
    “At Holland Construction Services we have a unique, talented team that will provide a wonderful experience throughout your entire construction project. Our mission is to identify and deliver our clients’ objectives, ensure their total satisfaction and develop long lasting relationships. Since our inception, Holland has upheld a reputation of honor, trust and integrity; we’re known for completing projects on time and under budget, and for maintaining long-term relationships with our staff, clients, architects/engineers, subcontractors and suppliers.

IBJ May14 Page 13 Image 0032    We recognize the importance of delivering quality and value to every customer on every job, and achieve this through a collaborative project approach. Working as a team, Holland ensures the best building solutions to balance the form, function and cost of each project. Our experienced and professional team is prepared to become your advocate in the construction process, guiding you every step of the way.”

    Mike Marchal, President
    Holland Construction Services, Inc.

    “The Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation’s board of trustees has worked diligently to strengthen relationships with the greater East St. Louis community and develop collaborations with other service agencies. We are pleased to offer our fourth-annual summer camp program in partnership with the YMCA of Southwest Illinois. In addition, we have  partnered with the Greater East St. Louis Community Fund to provide summer volleyball, basketball, track and field and swimming programs for boys and girls at the JJK Center and other East St. Louis locations. The JJK summer baseball and softball program has partnered with the Redbird Rookies program, a free developmental league for boys and girls of ages 5-13, funded and managed by the Cardinals Care program of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball organization. IBJ May14 Page 13 Image 0028The JJK Center provides after school wrestling, soccer, football and basketball programs coordinated with volunteers and coaches of East St. Louis School District 189. We also strive to partner with additional agencies and institutions to offer educational and life skills training.  Metro East Lenders provides a financial literacy program for our parents; working with kids and their families to break the cycle of poverty that challenges the city of East St. Louis and surrounding communities.


       “My passion is working with children and families. The opportunity to work with the children at the JJK Center has proven to be both a healthy challenge and a very rewarding one.”

    Mike Greenfield
    Director of Programs and Facilities
    Jackie Joyner-Kersee Foundation

    “Madison County has quickly emerged as one of the most important
and successful transportation and distribution hubs in the United States.  The county’s strategic location in the center of the country enables items shipped from the greater St. Louis region to reach 70 percent of the country’s population within 48 hours.   
IBJ May14 Page 13 Image 0030    As Madison County officials work to replace industrial jobs in the area that were lost to increased efficiencies and worldwide competition, we are capitalizing on the significance of the county’s strategic location in the center of the country and a viable intermodal transportation system that features the Mississippi River and the new south harbor at America’s Central Port, one of the country’s largest railroad hubs, an extensive interstate highway system, pipe lines and airports.  
    In Madison County, we work closely with Illinois and local leaders to create a business-friendly environment that promotes existing businesses and encourages new development.”
    Alan J. Dunstan
    Madison County Board


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