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Callis passes million-dollar mark, but trails Davis in fund-raising

Former judge Ann Callis says she is heading to the November general election with more than $1 million in her Congressional campaign, but that still lags substantially behind her Republican opposition for the 13th Congressional District.

The first quarter of 2014 was her best yet, she said, noting she will report more than $290,000 raised from more than 3,600 donors since the start of 2014.

“Our campaign continues to grow and I am honored by the support we’ve been able to receive. It has become more and more clear that families in Illinois want a representative who will focus on serving them instead of playing political games,” said Callis.

She faces incumbent Republican Rodney Davis in November.

Callis, the Democrat, said she is getting strong grassroots support network. In this last quarter, more than 85 percent of the donations she received were $50 or less.

“Judge Callis’ has now secured the Democratic nomination and proved she is running an effective campaign. She starts the general election in a strong position against an incumbent who is not looking out for families in the 13th District,” said Marshall Cohen, campaign manager for Callis. “It is clear that voters see Judge Callis as the best candidate to address their priorities and bring a new approach to a broken Washington.”

A complete copy of the report will be available from the FEC.

According to a report published in the Madison County Record, Davis, of Taylorville, has out-raised Callis by more than $1 million. The same report said the former judge has received szeable contributions from asbestos law firms.

As of March 31, reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission show Davis raking in $2,059,954 in campaign contributions as opposed to Callis’ $1,016,384.

Donations from the Simmons Law Firm of Alton and its attorneys totaled $23,700. Contributions from Gori, Julian & Associates of Edwardsville came in at $10,400, according to



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