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We need to impeach Obama before it’s too late


In November, the voters delivered a smack down to Obama and his ruinous policies but I don’t think that’s enough. This country cannot stand another two years of this socialist dictator. We need to impeach him before it’s too late.
Al Ortbals    When Obama became president the stock market was at a lean and mean 7,000. At that level we could invest with confidence, knowing that there was only one way for it to go. Now, near 18,000, investors are in a quandary. Buy? Sell? What’s a person to do? This uncertainty clogs up the investment gears and helps produce the kind of moribund economy we’ve been saddled with under Obama.
    And make no mistake — things are even worse than we think they are. Obama and his minions have been using, sleight of hand statistics to put a smiley face on a horrific economic picture. Take for example, unemployment. He makes a big deal out of the fact that the unemployment rate has declined from 10.2 percent to 5.6 percent. Huh? The unemployment rate has dropped 4.6 percent! Whoop de doo! Would you jump out of your seat and run to the store because they were having a 4.6 percent off sale? Of course not. And, as anyone who’s studied statistics knows, 4.6 percent is within the margin of error. It could be 4.6 percent in the other direction. For all we know, the unemployment rate is 14.8 percent. Try bragging about that, Obama!
    He also touts saving the auto industry. Sure! This is something this guy’s always doing — picking winners and losers. Instead of letting General Motors go bankrupt—which would have freed up a lot of nice factory space and a trained work force for other pursuits—he had to stick his big nose into the situation and use our money to bail them out. It’s not like people would have stopped buying cars. All he did by saving GM and Chrysler was to take sales away from Nissan, Kia and Toyota.
    And, talking about cars, gas prices have fallen to the $2 level, producing massive hardships. I saw recently where a Texas oil baron was no longer able to afford to divorce his wife. What is America coming to when a guy can’t afford a divorce?
    With all the damage Obama’s done at home, he’s really killing us on the international stage. He’s turned tail and run out of Afghanistan and Iraq after just 13 years, making it clear to our adversaries that we don’t have staying power. While Obama dithers, Russia’s Vladimir Putin acts. As Rudy Giuliani said, when Putin says something, he does it. If he wants to take Crimea, he takes it. If he wants to start a civil war in Ukraine, he does it and his allies let you know they’re serious by blowing a commercial airliner out of the sky. “That’s what you call a leader,” said the erstwhile mayor.
    Meanwhile, Putin is putting the Russian economy on a sound footing by squeezing the fat out of the GDP and putting the ruble on a diet. That’s the kind of leadership we need here in America.
    We continue to struggle under the yoke of socialized medicine. I’m hoping that the Republican Congress will move immediately to repeal Obamination Care. It was never anything but a big government giveaway that just clogs up the best health care system in the world with poor people. Hey, if they’ve got a pre-existing condition, that’s not my fault and it shouldn’t be my expense. As my hero Ebenezer Scrooge said, “If they’d be like to die, they better do it and reduce the surplus population.” Well said!    
    And now he wants to raise the minimum wage to $10.10/hour. Can you imagine? That would be more than $21,000 per year, assuming they worked 52, 40-hour weeks. What does that kind of largesse get you? “A discontented, lazy rabble instead of a thrifty, working class.” (Henry Potter, “It’s a Wonderful Life”).
    We’ve somehow managed to struggle through six years with this guy but the voters said in a loud clear voice in the November elections, “No more!” They were right. I don’t think we can survive two more years of the Obama regime. Congress needs to move quickly to impeach him. Come to think of it, I don’t think that will be sufficient. Impeaching Obama would just put Joe Biden in the driver’s seat and we all know Uncle Joe has been thick as thieves with his boss. We better impeach both of them and open the Oval Office door for House Speaker John Boehner. Now that we’ve broken the color barrier, let’s try orange.
    Alan J. Ortbals is president and publisher of the Illinois Business Journal.

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