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Lisa Regula, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Lisa-Regula    Lisa Regula does not limit her financial advisement solely to her clients at Edward Jones; instead, she makes an effort to share her knowledge and experience with as many people as she can reach through community venues.
   Regula donates her time to discuss relevant financial topics to the community on a regular basis. She is the presenter for the O’Fallon Public Library’s “Money Mondays” which are held every month. Regula also gives monthly financial presentations to members of the national alumni sorority, Delta Sigma Theta. On an annual basis, she partners with a liaison from the IRS to present a tax series at the Edwardsville Public Library in which new tax laws are reviewed and the audience is advised on how to reduce taxes by using retirement plans and tax-free investing. Regula works with a local chiropractor and fitness center to discuss finance with their clients.
   She also developed and taught a curriculum called “BudgeTude” to community members and community college students in Champaign and St. Louis for 10 years. The course centers on the study of neuroeconomics which seeks to explain human decision-making. The objective is to help individuals understand how and why they use their money to teach them a healthier financial lifestyle.
   In Regula’s opinion, time is precious; when people take the time to learn about finance, she wants to give them as much information as possible to enrich their lives and help them grow. It is her way of giving back, she says.
   During her work day, Regula is able to fulfill the same purpose as a financial advisor for Edward Jones. She works with people at every stage of their financial life, from individuals just starting out who want to learn how to save money; to those who need help with 401k rollovers and retirement planning; to people focused on estate planning and asset transfer.
   Regula’s educational background and industry experience have enabled her to offer strong financial advice, she says. Having earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting and finance from the University of Illinois Springfield, she earned her MBA with an emphasis in business administration-finance and accounting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has worked in finance for 26 years.
   Throughout that time, Regula has tried to dispel the myth that financial advisors are intimidating and that they only work with wealthy people. In actuality, she gives complimentary advice to anyone who is interested in planning for his or her future. She calls herself a BFF (Best Financial Friend) because she likes to establish a friendly rapport with clients. The more open and forthcoming they are, the better able she is to fine-tune a plan for individuals and align their investment choices with their likes and dislikes.  
   Regula says she loves demystifying money. She sees a lot of confusion from people who don’t understand the financial opportunities that are available to them. When she is able to meet with clients and answer their questions, she says, it makes a noticeable difference in their lives.
   Her impact on the community also extends to serving as the membership committee chair for the O’Fallon Rotary Club. She has been involved with The Covering House, an organization that seeks to provide refuge and restoration for girls who have experienced sexual exploitation. She is currently a member of Skyline Community Church in O’Fallon and has two teenage sons, Austin and Levi.

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