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Erin Beavers, Attorney, Gori Julian & Associates, P.C., Edwardsville


Beavers Erin-GJ    Erin Beavers makes a difference in people’s lives every day through her work at Gori Julian & Associates. She represents clients who are suffering from asbestos-related cancers, particularly mesothelioma, and do not have long to live. As a result of her efforts, clients obtain peace of mind knowing their families will be financially stable after they are gone.
    As an undergraduate at the University of Tulsa, Beavers says her eyes were opened to the injustices of the world. A psychology class on child abuse and neglect inspired her to help people so she decided to choose a career where she could affect change. She attended Drake University Law School in Iowa and graduated in 2001.
    Her first job was with the State’s Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor working on domestic violence cases. Next, she joined the medical malpractice group at HeplerBroom, headed by the late Lisa Franke. Franke became a mentor for Beavers, who was still relatively new to the legal profession. According to Beavers, it is important for female attorneys to have female mentors because of the challenges faced by women in the law, such as balancing a successful career and family.
    In May 2009, Beavers made the decision to join Randy Gori and Barry Julian, two well-respected lawyers in the region who head up Gori Julian & Associates. Beavers is a leader on the firm’s asbestos litigation team. She helps victims of mesothelioma and lung cancers who have been exposed to asbestos through their work. On a local and national level, she tries product manufacturers and employers whose employees suffered exposure.
    Beavers prepares the cases for trial and keeps the momentum moving forward. These are fast-paced and complex cases, Beavers says, and require a well-organized team, which she has at Gori Julian.
    It takes a special person to work with people who are faced with an 18-month life expectancy. According to Beavers, clients feel sad, angry and betrayed; but mostly concerned for their families. Many of her clients will not survive to have their day in court, but they want to make sure their families are taken care of and receive justice.
    As a past board member for her church’s mission outreach committee, Beavers supports global organizations through her church. Her other focus is on organizations that help children including St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Kinder Cottage. She resides in Edwardsville with her husband Tom and daughter Annie.

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